My Short Story

So you want to brew?!

I only started brewing 6 months ago myself, there were things holding me back from starting earlier- time, space, work, money…the list goes on.

I want to help you beat all those restrictions and have a crack!

After hours of research I’ve found that 5 litre/1 gallon All Grain BIAB is the best way for brewers not only get started, but get a full insight into brewing from scratch.

Why listen to me? Good question.

I only make referrals and provide information based on personal experience, my blog is as much a journal of my own brewing experience as it is information for you.

I’m a naturally curious guy with a background in investigation at a government level. I’ve spent endless hours researching 5 litre BIAB. The information is scarce and spread out, so I’ll be doing my best to bring all the premium information to my blog. I will also be talking to experts in the industry. Please note I’m an Aussie living in Sydney so there will be no quarter pounders here my friends- lets keep it metric.

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