Brew Day Video

I am a beginner, both at making videos and brewing, it was challenging doing both at the same time, so please forgive me for the lack of action shots- pouring, mixing, etc. Also feel free to correct me on brewing techniques….

Please note-

  1. During the mash I lost 1° after 10 mins, and 2° in total after 40 mins. That’s acceptable, although in hindsight I should have had the strike water 2° higher instead of 1°.
  2. I added 6° to the strike water temperature for the mash out to adjust for the temperature loss, but as you’ll see it wasn’t enough and I ended up mashing out at 72° instead of 76°. I think this affected my original gravity(OG). However not far off, in the video I mention it is 1.048, but shortly after I checked the temperature of the wort in the hydrometer and it was 25°, a temperature correction +0.0021 brings the OG to 1.050 , it should have been 1.053 but not far off, will let you know how the beer turns out- FG. Was spot on with the amount of wort, 4.7-4.8 litres, no need to add water.
  3. Don’t get the silver electric thermometer I’ve got in the video, they are quite common, cheap (around $10) and available at some brew shops. Luckily it did read correctly during brewing, as I was double checking occasionally with the dial thermometer. But afterwards checking the temperature of my fermentation vessel, it went mental reading 36° when its 20°, changed the battery, tried to recalibrate with boiling water, etc 😑. This is the second time a cheap wire and probe thermometer has let me down (the first an IKEA one)…..time to invest in a quality thermometer.
  4. If your interested in the recipe kit in the video, or a range of similar all grain 5L recipe kits they’re available at Small Batch Brew

And 48 hours later…… (I say since brewing yesterday but it is 48 hours later) 😂

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