Sanitising and cleaning

There’s only one word that comes to mind with all my research on sanitation- Star San . I’ve ordered from this eBay store on this link, a couple more dollars than other sites but free delivery ( works out the same ) and a trusted seller.

Star San is raved about by the brewing community, and I can understand why..

1) It’s a no rinse sanitiser, not only does it not affect the taste of your beer, yeast loves it and will eat it up.

2) You only need a very small amount, approximately 1.5 ml to one litre water.

3) It works in 1-2 minutes! Quicker than any other sanitiser I’ve come across

3) Probably the most impressive benefit is you can reuse it if you mix it with distilled water. The information varies for how long it’s good for, but I would safely say a month in a sealed container kept in a dark place. An indication the solution has lost its potency is it develops a cloudy appearance.

I’ve had this batch ( pictured ) mixed up for 3 weeks and used a few times, makes sanitising bottles so easy, just dunk them in for a couple of minutes, empty out and they’re good to go. The syringe just makes it easy to measure the right amount of Star San to mix. Also mix some up in a spray bottle, between the two you’ve got quick and easy sanitation covered. 👌

To be honest although I’ve done alot of research on sanitation, I’m still working on cleaning products, I bought this Brigalow bottle washing powder (pictured ) at Big W for $4 and it does the job.

A great addition to cleaning though was the $10 hair/ dogwash tap attachment I also got at Big W, I just pulled off the shower attachment, and now have a mini, powerful hose, really handy is you have a crappy sink like mine, especially for cleaning the carboy.

Now the most important piece I can give, is just clean things ASAP, it will make your life so much easier!

I haven’t even needed a bottle brush.

After you’ve finished drinking a bottle of brew, rinse it, and it should be clean.

After emptying your carboy, fill it with some bottle cleaner and hot/warm water, let it sit for and hour then rinse it out, no need to scrub!

Alrighty…that’s $22 for the Star San, $4 for the bottle wash, $10 for the tap hose attachment, we are up to around $186.

We still need to buy bottles ( I’ll go over that in my bottling blog) but you pretty much have everything you need.

I’m excited about my extra equipment though, hack city! In my next blog soon

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